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Saima 2023 Ananassima 0.8%, Kaskein Marja, Finland
1 Bewertungen
Saima 2023 Ananassima
0.8% Mead


Post author: WexiLahti
@ K-Citymarket Sello
10 months ago
Saima 2023 Ananassima, Finland
What should I expect of an ultra-low-alc Mead with pineapple flavor? Probably something like sweet soft drink? Let's see. The drink is transparent bright with a very pale yellowish hue. Carbonation is a bit cheerful but rushed. So is the head. The scent is quite mild. I find sweet fruit winegum. Not sure if it's pineapple or something else. I would guess artificial essence. Yes indeed, pineapple is unrecognizable in the taste. It's just a sweet candy-like winegummy flavor. I'm pretty sure that this doesn't contain any real pineapple but I'll check it before I finish. It's rather a combination of apple, lemon and green grape. But artificial. The mouthfeel is light, absolutely soft-drink-like, a bit sappy, lip-glueing and synthetic. Nothing like a Mead, not even like a Finnish vappu mead. Just a soft drink. Ok as such though. P.S. I was too negative as to the pineapple content: it actually does contain pineapple 2 % and pineapple juice concentrate 0.45 %.