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8 ratings
India Pale Ale Citra Ella Galaxy
7.0% India Pale Ale
6.5-7.5% abv. Malted barley. Stronger, fuller, and with more hop intensity than the pale ale, but aiming to keep all elements in balance. And as with the pales, hops change from batch to batch.

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Post author: Bomeca84
4 years ago
Seca, con cuerpo y toques citricos a naranja”.

Post author: Tommy
5 years ago
Citrus bitterness but still sweet, Had a few from kernel now and this is just as good as the others always tasty and hoppy that’s how I like it!!

Post author: Chris B
Chris B
5 years ago
I can't believe that I've not reviewed anything by the mighty Kernel before. Everything about this Brewery is tip top - from the branding to the 6000 versions of their beers using multiple hop combinations. This one is sweet and sour, hopped up the the max and finished with liquid brown sugar on the palate. It coats your mouth with sharp, hop oils and makes you close half an eye. A fantastic combination with Etta James. Class.

Post author: Ruddock81
@ Discount Supermarket
6 years ago
Heard good things about the kernel brewery but this is the first one I've tried. It's murky brown in colour with little carbonation. I really like the flavour, it has a faint hint of citrus but it's the long complex bitterness that you only get with stronger brews that does it for me. Good for drowning the sorrows