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11 ratings
Old Greg's Barley Wine
9.5% Barley Wine
A special edition annual beer, 12 months in the making, with Challenger, Target and EKG hops

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Post author: Jyri L
Jyri L
@ Honest Brew
3 years ago
Melkosta kiljua, huh huh, joulukalenterin huipennus

Post author: Sami V
Sami V
@ Honest Brew
3 years ago
Hivenen maistuu makealta viiniltä. Jälkimaussa vilahtelee marjamehu ja mieleen tulee myös toffee.

Post author: Emilian B
Emilian B
3 years ago
Une barley wine typique, équilibrée entre amertume et arômes de malts, de caramel. Une jolie découverte très bien faite. A rester autour d'une planche de charcuterie

Post author: GT
3 years ago
Lovely rich taste but a bit flat. Just a tad more fizz in the bottle and this would be supreme

Post author: Onesimus T
Onesimus T
6 years ago
A cautionary tale of a drink of extreme contrasts. This draft looks decidedly very drinkable but the amber colour, like an amber light, should serve as a warning. One finger fine white head slowly melted away leaving a lovely lacing on the glass. As you gently inhale the first aspect to widen your eyes is the pleasant fragrances of yeast with some bread notes and then hints of orange and caramel. Whilst the mouthfeel is soft you are immediately hit hard by this bitter boozy beverage with a strong medicinal twang. If you press through let the tastebuds recover and the beer warm a little, coming through is a very bitter pithy sour orange. I am reminded of that "urrgh" reaction you get when you bite into a badly bruised sour orange. This, like chloroform, should only used as an anaesthetic. FB Group "the beer journal"

Post author: whitebuildings
@ Clapton Craft
6 years ago
Not had barley wine before to my recollection. This tastes as strong as it is. I have nothing to compare it to, but it tastes pretty good.