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Solvay Society

Solvay Society (and what a refreshingly imaginative name that is) focus on Belgian styles, with a saison and a Belgian pale ale among their core range. Look out for their specials, too. Formerly based at the late, lamented Hops & Glory on Essex Road, they now brew out in Ilford.

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Post author: James Š
James Š
@ Get Brewing
1 year ago
I was sceptical about this as the last time I had a stout with a Belgian yeast it was disgusting. This brewery specialises in Belgian style beers but this ain’t one of them. It’s easy drinking and would have been ideal as a summer time drink. Chocolate and coffee nuances are there but pineapple and coconut dominate from the sabro and the evident esters produced from the yeast. Tropical stout indeed!

Post author: Seasider
@ Crafty Beggar
1 year ago
Didn't enjoy this one.

Post author: kaaostaja
@ Leskinen
1 year ago
Hanasta. Viikonlopun aloitusmehuna mainio, pehmeä, runsasmakuinen ipa.

Post author: Mika K
Mika K
@ Brewdog Tampere
2 years ago
Tuoksu on pientä sourimaista vivahdetta, pientä valkoviisyyttä..🤔 Maussa pientä yrttisyyttä, kukaisuutta ja lopussa maltainen ja hento humalan makuinen laskeutuminen. Kevyt IPA, ei humala ilotulitusta. Ehkä hieman väljä omaan makuun.

Post author: djmexi01
@ Brewdog Tampere
2 years ago

Post author: stradivariusmonkey
4 years ago
sour, ish. and good

Post author: HarriL
5 years ago
1.12.2017 Samea ja hentovaahtoinen olut. Tuoksu ehtaa belgihiivaa. Pehmeä suutuntuma. Pippuria en kyllä saa kaivettua esille. Hento jälkilämpö.

Post author: ZekeWolf
5 years ago
The label advertises "pink peppercorn triple ", otherwise good but I have trouble finding the peppercorn. Maybe it's too discreet for me as I'm used to hot chilies 🌶. Good Belgian triple anyways.