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Meantime Brewing
4911 ratings
Meantime Brewing
London, England

The grand-daddy of London’s craft beer movement. Alastair Hook decided to set up his own brewery in 2000 out of frustration with the British beer industry and admiration for the way things were done in Germany and in the US. Since then he and his colleagues have created a cornucopia of different beers, but it’s the London lager and pale ale that can be drunk most easily around the city. The regular specials – and the excellent bottled IPA – are well worth seeking out. The brewery now boasts its own shop, on-site bar and tours can be booked on the website. It has been owned by Asahi since 2016.

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Post author: David W
David W
@ Charlton FC
31 minutes ago
A very crisp clean pint

Post author: K-Mikko
@ Round Table
5 days ago
Ihan hyvä olut

Post author: Jérémy B
Jérémy B
6 days ago
IPA à l'attaque torréfiée avec une Bonne rondeur en milieu de bouche et une fin avec une légère amertume.