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Buddelship Brauerei
311 ratings
Buddelship Brauerei

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Post author: Frank B
Frank B
@ Beer52
1 month ago
It pours a pale, golden colour with a frothy, white head. Aroma is of tropical fruits. It is quite tangy and it has a slight burn from the high amount of hops.

Post author: Dartford Dave
Dartford Dave
@ Beer52
1 month ago
Yet another beer that was originally and incorrectly described as a Pale Lager! Clearly printed on the can IPA. However, my friends I have managed to alter the description. The net is closing on the culprit. Given all that rubbish, this beer is pretty much a standard IPA. Citrusy with hints of grapefruit in the flavour. Reasonable beer.

Post author: Karl G
Karl G
@ Beer52
2 months ago
Quite pale and slightly fizzy but otherwise a decent enough IPA. Good straight flavour (not a fruit bomb) and a fine finish.

Post author: Beer Pong
Beer Pong
@ The Galley
2 months ago

Post author: Deek69
2 months ago
Pretty unpleasant. Bitter with a background citrus fruit flavour. Tastes watered down